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Bulky Item Collection

From time to time, residents have a need to get rid of common household items that do not fit in a City of Portland trash bags. If such items are still in usable condition, we encourage residents to donate them to charitable organizations or to make them available to other people who may have a use for them. Websites that help people find new homes for usable items include:

Freecyle http://groups.freecycle.org

Several local companies in the greater Portland area collect bulky items and offer basement/garage clean up services. Their prices vary on the level of service desired and the types of materials to be collected. Residents are welcome to contact these service providers for more information. Many of them advertise in local publications.

For those who wish to participate, the Department of Public Serviceís bulky item collection program provides a convenient way to dispose of many items. Everyone who lives in a home, apartment building or condominium that receives weekly service from Portlandís trash and recycling crews is eligible to participate. Items that weigh 30 lbs. or less and do not fit in a City trash bag will be collected free of charge (limit 10 items per dwelling unit per year) while items that weigh more than 30 lbs. will be collected subject to a $40 fee.

Small items include: kitchen chairs, large toys, car seats, lawn furniture, small rugs or carpets, lightweight shelving units, and others.

Large items include: mattresses, box springs, sofas, recliners, white goods, kitchen tables, entertainment centers, large rugs or carpets, large book cases or shelves, and others.

For a more comprehensive list of items that can and CANNOT be collected, please click here.

Please note that the Cityís bulky item collection program cannot pick up electronic items such as televisions, computer monitors or other computer components and peripherals. For more information about recycling these items, see e-waste recycling web page.

Items that can fit in a trash bag are not eligible for the program.

How it works:

For more information about how to participate in the bulky item collection program, please watch this video.

Request a Bulky Item Pickup

The program is for bulky items only.  We cannot accept loose material, demolition debris, paper, liquids, hazardous wastes or electronic items at this time.

To begin, find the property where the item will be picked up.

Street Name ONLY not the house number:

(use the street name only with no suffix)


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